100% Specialty Arabica with Cardamom

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The most exquisite Arabica coffee beans with cardamom

200 g | 7 oz


Medium light roast

100% Specialty Arabica & Organic Cardamom

Deep earthy flavor with a hint of cardamom

Ground and ready to be brewed

Fair trade

100% recyclable packaging

Product Description

For all Arabic coffee lovers, for experts and beginners... get ready to melt in the aroma of the most exquisite coffee and Arabic spices... 

Medina coffee with cardamom is a blend of 100% Specialty Arabica Coffee beans and organic cardamom. We grind and blend our coffee and spices by ourselves, so you will be amazed by the freshness and quality.

A delicate and intensive care goes into each and every bean to produce exclusive, high-quality coffee with a truly distinct taste.

Our extraordinary Arabica coffee is certified by the Specialty Coffee Association, a coffee grading organization dedicated to quality, fairness, and sustainability. We also support fair trade; 

We donate 5% of our coffee revenue to UNHCR to support the most vulnerable refugees.